Favorite Women Blues Songwriters

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Women who were pioneers in blues music. There is so much to be said for a couple of early guitar fingerpicking folk/blues musicians who happen to both be African American women (and both were born in North Carolina). I had to give them a page here on my blog because they have inspired and influenced me.

One is Elizabeth Cotten – see her play in this video where she is 92 years old playing her most famous song Freight Train. (Sometimes her name is misspelled as Cotton.)

She wrote that song when she was 12 after she taught herself to play the guitar. You can’t really see it in the video, but she is left-handed but playing a right-handed guitar upside down. That is one amazing woman!

Another blues or folk pioneer was Etta Baker. Here she is in an interview with David Holt.

Etta’s music is called Piedmont blues. She also played guitar into her 90s!

I hope enjoy watching these ladies play as much as I do!

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